10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier For Outdoor In 2021 Reviews And Quick Guide.

Outdoor trip in the woods or on the hill station has always been our dream. No matter how far we are going or with whom we are travelling one thing can not replace the mode of entertainment, Yes it is streaming of our favorite live TV shows. And guess what we can enjoy TV shows anywhere using outdoor TV antenna preamplifier.

Frankly speaking I would definitely not miss any episode of my favorite shows like “WandaVision” and “Oprah” even though I am on my trip. You might be wondering if it is really possible to watch any of your favorite TV shows anywhere at any time?Yes it is possible and believe me you will feel any difference in picture quality and streaming speed. 

Installing “HDTV antenna preamplifiers” can boost the broadcast signals. With TV antenna preamplifier you can watch your personal favorite TV shows in HD (high definition) picture quality.  

In this article wee are going to cover antenna preamplifier reviews, to make your task easy while purchasing new preamplifier.

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Why Do We Need TV Antenna Preamplifier:-

Of course there are plenty of live streaming services available like amazon prime or Netflix but watching TV programs is always a best thing.

TV broadcast signals are very strong in nature; they can travel thousands of miles to reach your TV set. But, unfortunately these signals lose their strength due to change in weather conditions and interfering noise around signal carrying cables. 

The main idea behind using the “Preamplifier” is to re-increase the  strength of the signal at its strongest possible point to beat signal loss. 

The Preamplifier is always mounted to the antenna’s mast. It will catch and amplify the signal coming directly from the antenna.

On special note, we must remember that a preamplifier antenna can only increase the strength of the signal which is already present there. Preamplifiers do not increase the number of TV channels. 

TV antenna preamplifiers are very easy to install at your desired location. Only with a few clamps and screws can we fix the preamp on the wall, roof or terrace. 

Signal strength and quality changes according to location to location. Do some research on the internet about what broadcasting stations allow reception in your area. 

You can use tools like TVFOOL.COM, ANTENNAWEB.ORG. 

You can also buy great picture quality TV sets from trustworthy brands like Sony or Panasonic.

Key Things To Consider Before Buying TV Antenna Preamps.

Before selecting the best TV antenna preamplifier we need to study some essential technical features of preamps. Here comes the technical part regarding how to choose the best antenna preamplifier for you. 

If you have sound technical knowledge then it’s good, otherwise you can take help from your friends and choose the best option for you. 

Let us make it simple for you in one line : – Select the preamplifier which collects more quality signal than noise. 

If the TV antenna preamplifier receives more quality signal then it will provide you best picture quality.  

And if TV antenna preamplifier receives more noise than the picture signal it will not be able to give you better results. You might lose some of the TV channels as well. 

Do Consider Below Specifications Before Choosing An Antenna Preamplifier.

1. Maximum Gain Capacity

The preamplifier must have higher maximum gain capacity. Higher gain capacity preamplifier will allow your antenna to catch stronger signals and supply you higher quality output.

In the case of choosing a high gain preamplifier, the signal loss factor must be taken under account. High gain capacity preamplifiers may damage the TV tuner box.  

If your signal loss level is around 10 decibels, then you can buy a TV preamplifier of 10 decibels or more.

2. Built in Noise Filter

Some of the antenna preamplifiers are equipped with a built-in low pass filter, noise filters, FM radio signal filter, and LTE signal filter.

All these types of filters have the sole purpose is to reduce unnecessary noise signals present in TV signals. 

3. Operating Voltage Power Supply

Preamplifiers need external power supply for operation. Antenna preamplifiers require voltage from 5VDC to 12VDC to keep its circuits running. Some preamplifier may required up to 16VDC also.

If we are outdoors and commercial power supply is not available around, then we can use a car alternator, power bank / battery or solar power supply to run preamplifiers. 

If you are installing preamplifiers in your house, store, garden or in your backyard then you can use a switch mode power supply (SMPS).

Here you can use the commercial power supply available in your house. 

Now you can check out in the market and select a suitable antenna preamplifier for you. For your convenience we want to share our opinion and our recommendations for the best antenna preamplifiers available in the market today.

So, let’s dive into the list of 10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifiers For Outdoor you can purchase from the market.

The TV antenna preamplifier reviews are as follows.

List of 10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier For Outdoor.

1. Boost XT Pro (Ultra-Low-Noise Smart Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier + Integrated Channel Finder) (BT-1000)

Boost XT Pro (Ultra-Low-Noise Smart Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier


Boost XT Pro is one of the best performer preamplifiers among signal booster family. Boost XT pro has a high gain capacity of 20dB (maximum), which makes this preamplifier the best signal receiver.  

This preamplifier is small in size and Installation of this preamplifier is quite easy as compared to other preamplifiers. 

This preamplifier generates a very small amount of noise. Due to low noise generation and good noise filter capability this preamplifier can catch the maximum number of channels present around that location. 

Key Feature:- 

  1. Reception type of this preamplifier is VHF/UHF.
  2. This preamplifier is equipped with a 1dB noise filter.
  3. Maximum gain capacity of this preamplifier is 20dB.
  4. Operates on +5V at 130mA power supply. 110 V Adapter comes in the package. 
  5. This preamplifier also consists of band pass filters to remove interfering RF signals.
  6. This is a smart preamp which comes with a fully interactive Winegard – Connecting app. This app helps to position the TV antenna at perfect position.
  7. Dimension :- HxWxL = 1.5″x 4″x 3″ (inches).
  8. Weight: 0.6 lb


  1. Limited warranty of only 1 year.
  2. Absence of inbuilt power injector.

Special Notes:- 

Frequent channel scan is required to keep your channel list updated.

2. Boost XT Outdoor Digital TV Antenna Preamplifier (LNA-200)

 Boost XT Outdoor Digital TV Antenna Pream. 10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier For Outdoor


Boost XT outdoor preamplifier is another version of successful preamplifier from winegard.  This preamplifier is equipped with Twin Amp Technology. Twin Amp Technology is basically a technology to separately amplify VHF and UHF signals.  

This Twin Amp Technology gives advantage in receiving high signal gain for better signal reception. This preamplifier also reduces noise and interference in the signal. 

Key Feature:-

  1.  VHF/UHF reception.
  2. 1dB noise filter to nullify signal noise. 
  3. 18dB  maximum gain capacity.
  4. Required +5V at 130mA power supply for operation.
  5. Fully compatible with Winegard – Connecting app.
  6. Dimension :- HxWxL = 1.5″x 4.5″x 3″ (inches).
  7. Weight: 0.6 lb


Compatible only with non-amplified antennas.

Special Notes:- 

Required channel scan once in a month or when the signal is lost.

3. RCA Digital Signal Preamplifier.

RCA Digital Signal Preamplifier.


The RCA Digital Signal Preamplifiers are designed to work with outdoor antennas. With the help of RCA Digital Signal Preamplifiers, the outdoor antennas can receive a maximum number of channels even though their reception strength is low. 

This preamplifier extends the range of signal reception. RCA Digital Signal Preamplifiers preserve signal quality to maintain picture quality.

RCA Digital Signal Preamplifiers is basically a digital signal preamplifier, which out-performs old analog technology. 

Key Feature:-

  1. Supports both VHF/UHF reception.
  2. 1dB noise filter to nullify signal noise. 
  3. VHF maximum gain capacity is 16dB
  4. UHF maximum gain capacity is 22dB
  5. Inbuilt FM trap switch to enhance signal reception strength.
  6. Required 12V power supply.
  7. Dimension :- HxWxL = 5.8” x 3.8” x 3.5” (inches).
  8. Weight: 0.95 lb.


Limited 12 months warranty only.

Special Notes:- 

AS we already discussed this preamplifier is best for digital signals, so make sure about the signal present in your location before purchasing this preamp.

4. JUICE – UHF/VHF Preamplifier System

JUICE - UHF/VHF Preamplifier System


Do you wish to watch your favorite TV channels, whether you are living in an urban, rural or suburban location. One preamp can help to receive high quality signals, no matter where you want to install your TV set, indoor or outdoor.

Juice preamp also provides best signal quality for more than 100ft coaxial cable. 

This preamp is easy to install. 

Key Feature:-

  1. Supports both VHF/UHF reception.
  2. 1.8dB noise filter to nullify signal noise. 
  3. VHF maximum gain capacity is 17.5 dB
  4. UHF maximum gain capacity is 19 dB
  5. Required 12V power supply.
  6. Protection from all weather.
  7. Dimension :- HxWxL = 5.8” x 3.8” x 3.5” (inches).
  8. Weight: 0.95 lb.


90-Day limited Warranty on Parts

Special Notes:- 

  1. Antenna must be pointed in the direction of local broadcast stations / towers.  
  2. Only one TV set or converter box can be connected to the antenna.

5. McDuory Antenna Signal Booster 

10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier For Outdoor


Smart and one of the best performing HD Antenna Signal Preamplifiers. It is capable of amplifying VHF as well as UHF Signals around the area.

This preamp consists of 4G LTE Filter to reduce noise in the signal. McDuory preamplifier is compatible with any passive Antenna.

The lowest noise figure makes it possible to get more range and the lowest possible signal drop. It also helps in reducing pixelated images.

Key Feature:-

  1. Supports both VHF/UHF reception.
  2. Inbuilt 4G LTE Filter to increase gain. 
  3. VHF maximum gain capacity is 16 dB. 
  4. UHF maximum gain capacity is 25 dB.
  5. Required 12V power supply.  
  6. Protection from all weather. 


 Less protection against surges

Special Notes:- 

McDuory Antenna Signal Booster is fully compatible with any non-amplified Yagi antenna

 6. Antra AT-PAA28 Low Noise Pre-Amplifier HDTV Preamp

Antra AT-PAA28 Low Noise Pre-Amplifie


The Antra AT-PAA28 is basically a low noise preamplifier, which amplifies weak signals at receiver antennas. This antenna also has inbuilt 4G LTE Pre-filter. 

4G LTE Pre-filter mainly used to filter unwanted 4G signals present in the TV signals. This filter can remove any of the 4G signals whose strength is 700MHz and above.

The Antra AT-PAA28 also consists of FM trap function which nullifies interference due to FM stations. 

Key Feature:-

  1. Supports both UHF/VHF reception.
  2. Reception frequency range across 47-694 MHz
  3. Inbuilt 4G LTE Filter.
  4. Maximum gain capacity is 15 – 30dB. 
  5. Built-in 20dB FM Trap. 
  6. 2dB noise filter to nullify signal noise
  7. Required 12V, 100mA power supply.  
  8. Protection from all weather to some extent.
  9. Dimension :- HxWxL = 6.2” x 2.2” x 3.5” (inches).
  10. Weight: 340.19 Grams or 0.74 lb.


  1. Less surge protection.
  2. Have some weatherproofing issues. 

Special Notes:- 

  1. Must add additional earth / ground to protect the device.
  2. If possible try to install the preamp under the shed. 

7. Channel Master TV Antenna Preamplifier – CM-7777HD

10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier For Outdoor


The Channel Master CM-7777HD is a high performer and professional grade preamplifier present in the market. 

This preamp can process digital and high definition signals with it’s latest innovative hardware design. 

It is also capable of receiving and amplifying every possible TV broadcast channel present in the air, which means now you can watch many channels on a single TV set.

The Channel Master CM-7777HD is enclosed inside the all weather protection housing. This all protection housing allows us to install this magnificent preamp at any place. 

This preamp is very useful in case of any fuzzy or pixelated channels present in your location. 

Key Feature:-

  1. Supports both VHF/UHF reception.
  2. Operating frequency Range 54MHz to 80MHz &125MHz to 700MHz
  3. <3dB noise filter to nullify signal noise. 
  4. Advance FM Trap function for 88~95MHz: >10 dB down    95~108MHz >13 dB down.
  5. Advance Internal LTE Trap 770~1000MHz: >20 dB down
  6. Maximum gain capacity 24dB (High) / 12dB (Low)
  7. Required 5V power supply.
  8. Protection from all weather.
  9. Dimension :- HxWxL = 7.6” x 5.1” x 3.0“ (inches).
  10. Weight: 1 lb.


Not really any limitation but of course if you are on a tight budget then this preamp will not suit your wallet. 

Special Notes:- 

Little bit of technical knowledge is essential to install this preamp.

8. GE Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier – Best Low Noise Preamplifier


Hey guys if you are looking for the best and affordable preamplifier then this is the one which you should consider.  

This preamplifier has a tremendous ability to boost signal without generating extra noise in the signal. 

It is very easy to install. Just follow the installation process given in the guide and you are good to go.

Key Feature:-

  1. Fully weather resistant design.
  2. Quick installation and setup.
  3. Increases gain to minimize signal reception dropouts
  4. Lowest noise generation.
  5. Connects up to 16 devices to splitter.
  6. Dimension :- HxWxL = 5.12” x 1.25” x 4.0“ (inches).


  1. It drops some of the low quality channels.
  2. Product construction is not very durable.

Special Notes:- 

Performance of the preamp is very much dependent upon the various obstacles like buildings, walls, mountains and trees.

9. Antronix MRA4-8 Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier – Best Multi-Functional Preamplifier


The Antronix MRA4-8 Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier is one of the best performer preamplifiers. It’s circuits are made from Gallium Arsenide material. 

Gallium Arsenide is broadly used in microwave products manufacturing, because of its characteristics it can perform well with frequency greater than 250 GHz also. 

One more best thing about Antronix MRA4-8 Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier is, it has inbuilt short circuit protection and surge protection. 

Key Feature:-

  1. Supports both UHF/VHF reception.
  2. Reception frequency ranges across 5-1000 MHz bandwidth.
  3. Maximum gain capacity for individual channels is +7.5dB. 
  4. 3dB noise filter to nullify signal noise
  5. Required 12V, 200mA power supply. 
  6. Surge Protection upto 6Kv combination wave in all parts.
  7. Inbuilt short circuit protection.
  8. Protection from all weather.
  9. It can handle outer pressure up to 15psi.
  10. Highly resistive housing body to corrosion. 
  11. Dimension :- HxWxL = 4.6” x 2.9”x 0.8” inches
  12. Product weight 0.48 lb Approx..


Sometimes it drops a few weaker channels.  

Special Notes:- 

Do some research about some factors such as location, distance from broadcast station, available channels in the air before installing this preamp.

10. Channel Master Ultra Mini CM-3414

10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier For Outdoor


The Channel Master Ultra Mini CM-3414 is a four port output preamplifier. It provides a strong output signal to individual TV sets connected to this preamp.

You can enjoy so many channels available in your area with HD quality. It amplifies the channel without a fuzzy and pixelated view. 

Channel Master preamplifiers are also available in One-way, Two-way, four-way, and eight-way output models. 

Key Feature:-

  1. Supports both UHF/VHF reception.
  2. Reception frequency ranges across 5-1002 MHz bandwidth.
  3. Maximum gain capacity for individual channels is +8dB. 
  4. 2dB noise filter to nullify signal noise
  5. Required 12 – 16V, 250mA power supply. 
  6. Surge Protection up to 6Kv in all parts.
  7. Weather-Sealed Housing.
  8. It can operate in temperature range from -40° C to +60° C
  9. Highly resistive housing body to corrosion. 
  10. Dimension :- HxWxL = 5.75” x 8.5” x 2.25” inches
  11. Product weight 1.25 pounds Approx.


It will neglect weak signals.

Special Notes:- 

These amplifiers do not support Verizon FIOS.

Quick Preamplifier Installation Guide

We can easily Install preamplifier unit on the antenna with simple tools. Preamplifier setup comes with two units: the first one is the preamplifier itself and the second one is the power supply unit. 

  1. The antenna preamp amplifies the signal coming directly out of the antenna, hence we must install a preamp near the signal receiving antenna. 
  2. Install a preamplifier as close as possible to the antenna. 
  3. Use a short coaxial cable to connect the antenna and preamp. Find labels as VHF/UHF or  Antenna (ANT) Input on preamp to connect cable coming from antenna.
  4. Make sure the connecting cable must not exceed more than 50 meter length. It will reduce and disturb signal quality. 
  5. Connect the cable coming from the “antenna out” or “TV Out” or just “Output” to your TV set.
  6. Route signal cables away from any high voltage power cable lines.
  7. Make proper earth /Ground points to avoid interference of leakage voltage or current. 
  8. The power supply unit can be mounted inside an RV, house, or inside store where power supply is available. 
  9. Do use a stabilizer before preamp power supply unit to avoid any fluctuation or surge in commercial input supply voltage.
  10. Make sure you are following instructions given in the installation manual as it is. 


Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions asked by curious preamplifier users. This question will definitely help you while buying, installing and using the preamp. 

What does a TV antenna preamplifier do?

Ans:- It amplifies signals common out of the antenna receiver and sends it to your TV Set.

How do I choose a TV antenna booster or preamplifier?

Ans:- It totally depends upon your geological location, distance between your house and channel broadcasting station. 

How do TV antenna preamplifiers work?

Ans:- Preamplifier reduces or filters out all the unnecessary noise signals present in the channel broadcast signals.

Do smart TVs have built-in antennas?

Ans:- Yes they do, but unfortunately only to connect Bluetooth and WiFi.

Do you still need an antenna with a smart TV?

Ans:- It is definitely possible to watch free view stations If you are interested. Many stations can only be accessible only through antenna only. 

How do I get antenna channels on my smart TV?

Ans:- You can receive free air channels in HD quality. With the help of HDTV antennas you can watch plenty of channels on your TV set. 

Can you watch regular TV on a smart TV?

Ans:- Yes we can watch regular TV on smart TV.

How can I get TV reception without cable or antenna?

Ans:- Many smart TVs provide WiFi accessibility in the TV set. Smart TV’s can access TV channels through the internet. But watching TV channels on WiFi will be a little costly. 

How can I get local channels on my smart TV without an antenna?

Ans:- local channels can be accessible through live streaming services. 

Can you use 2 antenna amplifiers?

Ans:- Yes we can use multiple antenna amplifiers, but more amplified will also carry more noise in the signal. You may lose some of the channels. 


After studying and experiencing so many options available in the market, we are glad to announce that these 10 preamplifiers are the best one. 

This is always a tedious job to find the best preamp for you, but we hope this list will ease your task. 

If you are planning to install a preamp for a single TV set then among all of the options we think you can go with Boost XT Pro or  RCA Digital Signal Preamplifiers.

For better performance Channel Master Ultra Mini CM-3414 has proven itself a winner in this race. Four way signal distribution with high quality signal makes channel master preamplifier the perfect solution. 

That is all from our side, do comment how you like this article “10 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier For Outdoor”. Please share your thoughts and suggestion for improvement.

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