10 Amazing RV Gadgets For Motor home Camping.

What Does RV Mean?

The motor home is a type of recreational vehicle that is meant to accommodate people for living in it. Basically, it’s a mixture of a vehicle and home and is usually furnished with all such accessories that are necessary for human accommodation these are 10 amazing RV gadgets for motor home camping.

They are also known as RVs, an abbreviation for recreational vehicles, which is a more popular term among people. And I’m sure that most of us have heard or seen about people camping in RVs, as it is often shown in movies, videos, and social media sites.

I myself have heard a lot of people express their wishes to someday rent an RV and set out on a long road trip. Motor home camping is true quite an exciting activity that most people love. The idea of moving home is very fascinating and this is one of the main reasons for RVs becoming popular.

Why Go For The Minimalist RV Lifestyle?

But other than being a unique experience, there are some other benefits of RV camping. It can actually be a cost-efficient and cheap travel option, as you can save all the lodging and food expenses you’d bear otherwise.

Also, traveling in motor homes is incredibly comfortable than a car or jeep. Some gadgets for RV will make your journey amazing.

All in all, motor home camping is truly an enjoyable and satisfying activity for hobbyists and experienced campers alike. And as more people are starting to explore the possibilities of permanently living in RVs, it has also become a type of lifestyle for many.

To enjoy home-like comfort in an RV, one will obviously have to furnish it with essential equipment. Of course, the usual items like bed, a small closet, toil, and kitchen items don’t need to be explained.

Then there are other important items that are generally considered as must-have basic requirements for a recreational vehicle. 10 amazing RV gadgets for motor home camping. Read the best review, on gadgets for your rv camping and outdoor fun activity.

These mostly include water/sewer hose, water pressure regulator, toilet cleaning chemicals, bedding, first aid kits, generator, etc. There are literally hundreds of guides out there that will give you needed information about the basic essentials for motor home camping.

Now we decided to go beyond the basic requirements, and explore advanced gadgets that can make your camping experience a whole lot better.

Are you a camping enthusiast looking to try out new gadgets on your next trip? Or is it the first time you’re planning to try the RV experience? Whatever the reason, if you love camping in motor homes, then you’ll definitely want to check out these hi-tech and useful RV gadgets and equipment.

List of 10 Amazing RV Gadgets.


Most RVs, if not all, come with roof vents. These vents let fresh air in and also allow moisture to escape, especially during situations where the windows cannot be opened. However, harsh weather like heavy rainfall may compel you to even close the roof vents.

If you set up a roof vent cover on your RV’s vents, you can leave them open at all times. They are manufactured by different brands so you’ll have options to choose from. Get a roof vent cover and you won’t have to worry about moisture and ventilation in your vehicle.


10 amazing rv gadgets for the best motorhome camping experience.

While camping, it is important gadgets for RV to have sufficient water supply, mainly for drinking. So it goes without saying that you’ll need a proper water filter installed in the RV.

Since there are different types of models in the market, you might want to go through reviews and descriptions to know which ones are suitable.

Camco is one of the popular brands that produce RV water filters. There are two ways to install water filters, to clean the RV’s entire water tank, or only to filter the drinking water.


10 amazing rv gadgets for the best motorhome camping experience.

When you have an RV home filled with furniture and electric appliances, you’ll need a fair amount of power supply as well. Diesel generators are commonly used by RV owners but if you want an Eco-friendly option, then you should certainly try out wind generators for your motor home.

These are even more useful than solar generators as they are not dependent on sunlight or other such factors. All you have to do is keep driving to let them charge. Wind generators may not be enough to supply all your power needs so you’ll have to keep the diesel generator, but it will help you to save the fuel.


10 amazing rv gadgets for the best motorhome camping experience.

This rolling BBQ Grill is manufactured by Bison and is amazingly useful and handy for camping. It can be rolled up and packed up in just a small pouch. The entire content of the product includes a grill that can be rolled up, grill guard and stake stands.

You’ll have a grill that you can easily carry anywhere, anytime without a hassle. Can you say the same about regular grills? And if you want to get creative, you can take the grill and put it on your kitchen sink to use as a drying rack for your washed dishes.

But just the fact that you can have a small, portable grill that can be set up in a minute or two should be enough to convince you to get one of these. let’s see the next important gadget from “10 amazing RV gadgets for motor home camping”.


10 amazing rv gadgets for the best motorhome camping experience.

This is a small and compact wood burning stove that is super easy to carry along on trips. It may not be much in size, but it can easily boil water in a few minutes and can be used for all types of cooking purposes.

But wait, BioLite and their stoves are well known for one amazing feature – their stoves function as an electric power supply too! That’s right, this stove actually converts extra heat into electricity, and it can be used to charge your phone or other devices.

You can even combine it with the rolling grill we mentioned above and you’ll have a lovely barbecue setting ready within minutes!


Once you head out on your camping trip, you certainly won’t be planning to survive on porridge and salads. Camping won’t be as much fun without good food anyway.

So having the next best gadgets for RV is an oven in your motor home kitchen is certainly beneficial. But instead of getting a regular oven, try using a solar oven instead.

You can have your favorite dish cooked with just the power of sunlight and you’ll save a lot of electricity too. They are available in the different price ranges so you can easily find one that will suit your budget.


Imagine you’re out camping near the woods, it’s early morning and you’re sitting by the river basking in the sun. Sounds good. But then you feel like sipping some warm coffee, only to remember that you don’t have a coffee maker! And just like that, your morning will be ruined!

Jokes apart, whether you’re an avid coffee lover or just a casual drinker, you will certainly want to sip a cup of coffee every now and then in your trip. If that’s the case, then add a portable coffee maker in your motor home kitchen.

Coffee makers are quite a popular item, so you’ll find lots of brands offering different models at a wide range of prices. Do a bit of research and pick one that suits your demands, and your pocket.


Having an internet connection in your RV is important, and not just so that you can use Facebook while camping. GPS navigation is one of the main reasons why you’ll need access to the internet.

And you can also gather info about nearby places and attractions from the web. Setting up a Wi-Fi Ranger is a great way to have internet access. These devices can detect and connect to Wi-Fi signals within a radius of 2 miles! These are also sold under different brand names and price tags.


If you’re often camping in remote areas where there is little or no cellular network coverage. Then you should always have a satellite phone in your RV.

These are designed to work in areas where normal cell phone reception may not work. And you certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck in some unfortunate circumstance. In a remote location, with no way to call for help.

It’s true that camping mishaps don’t happen as often as movies would have us believe. But just to be safe in all situations, it’s best to always have a satellite phone in your motor home.


Your RV will certainly have its own refrigerator. Apart from that, getting an extra mini fridge can be very useful.

When you’re having a good time with your friends or family at the camping spot, portable fridge will keep your drinks cool.

That way, you also won’t need to keep reaching out to the fridge in your RV for food and drinks. You can also find them in small sizes, so it won’t take up too much space.


Motor home camping is growing very popular as a recreational activity. So the market has also been flooded with loads of RV related products. These products are just ten gadgets among many other cool and useful ones available.

We hope that you liked these items and will be trying out some of them on your next trip. If you’ve used any of these products, let us know your thoughts and experience in the comments.

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